Defining Uncertainty with Aaron Hill

for Aaron Hill

The director of my MS Data Vis Program, Aaron Hill, approached me about a collaborative project. Aaron had been working on a research paper and exploratory design tool to bring attention to utilizing the fine arts as inspiration to visualize uncertainty in data. He and I collaborated to design an identity for the project website.
New School University Center by Beyond My Ken is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

In 2018, while working towards my MS at Parsons,

Aaron Hill, director of the Data Visualization program, had been working on uncertainty in data vis; writing a research paper and building a design tool to explore

visually representing uncertainty in data.

Visualizing uncertainty is an under-researched topic in the data visualization community. 

Aaron approached me about collaborating together on an identity for this new project.

I gladly accepted

and we set about defining the parameters of the project identity.

Aaron had the idea of making the logotype to be interactive

and itself act as an example of how visualization can be used to imbue the uncertainty of the underlying data.

Pulling from the visual variables of shape, texture and motion.

Retinal Variables from Jacques Bertin's Semiology of Graphics

I used the data visualization javascript library

D3.js to generate the graphics.

I coded three versions of the logotype.

The logotypes were embedded into the home page of the project site at

(reload the page to cycle through the variants)

I was there at 2018 IEEE VIS in Berlin

 as the paper was presented by Aaron as part of the VIS Arts Program session.

With the site serving as the portal to the design tool and paper.